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Yasmine Shimi

Yasmine Shimi studied at the Birmingham College of Art and Design.

She initially freelanced as a Textile Designer, selling to Japan, Italy and Switzerland, later moving to painting on silk. She produced one-off pieces of scarves, ties and bow-ties, with her own label.

In 1997, she studied Yoga philosophy for three years, engaging in the spirituality of the discipline through her teaching, working with companies such as the BBC and Exxon and her own private classes.

In 2010, she travelled widely to New Zealand, Cambodia and Thailand, before building her dream house in the South of France with her husband.

Her early work, her Yoga appreciation and these travel experiences have culminated in paintings which capture the depth of her artistic and emotional expression. The challenges and merits of life shine through her paintings, which are a theatre of colour and movement.

In her latest "Abstract Series", colour is the dominant element. This Series mirrors the suppressions and elations of the world around us, reminding us of the angelic, stardust quality of human nature.