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"Growing up I started to have the need to express myself. I didn't know how but I just had to. Since my family is very musical I started by writing a few songs. I'm not great at it but it was a way of dealing with certain emotions. But something was missing. I had the words but I didn't have the visual.

Then I found out about the magic of photo editing and manipulation and thought it was perfect for me because I can't draw or paint. So I started to teach myself some Photoshop skills and that's when I decided to give photography a try. I took a course to understand more about my camera and how it worked and I'm still learning every day.

For now I see myself as someone who just wants to evoke his emotions through images. I still like to write verses for my pictures when I feel like an image is not enough or there is a story to be told.

I'd say I draw inspiration from mysticism, mythology and fairy tales but with some dark elements to it."