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Veronica Rowlands

The inspiration for Rowland’s work stemmed from London’s museums, where she discovered a special collection of unusual vintage toys and miscellaneous objects. To each character she creates from initial sketches, she adds a contemporary twist, painstakingly experimenting with a range of flamboyant colours and adorning her creations with edgy current trends.
The result is somewhat fantastic and surreal, yet singularly quirky and appealing.

In recent works Rowlands applies layers of gesso over her drawings, building up the illustration, reviving past ideas and adding intricate details, collaged sketches, subsequently painted over in acrylic, pastel and gesso. A nostalgic and vaguely ghostly image starts to take form leaving the transitional process apparent in the final work.

Rowlands invites viewers to allow her work to be appreciated also as form of therapy – something an individual can participate in or an act which they would find enjoyable as a child e.g. making a daisy chain or drawing as a child would, or producing a naively drawn character such as a fairy or doll, allowing release of the “inner child” and a free reign to the subconscious psyche and imagination