La Biennale de Venezia

Venezia Biennale

57th International Art Exhibition

Venezia and I are old friends, I have travelled to visit her several times for varied reasons, but the last time I travelled to Venice was very special because it was the official opening of the 57th Biennial.



I am taking part in Empire II”, a group show designed and curated by Vanya Balogh where 115 artists pay a tribute to the cinema life in Venice. The exhibition opened last 12th May and you can go and have a look, before 26th November, at 1610/A, sesitiere di Castello, Riva dei Sette Martiri (Venice). During the opening, almost all the artists were there, but now we have to continue working so Lorenza is taking care of our space and Vanya will travel twice per month. I would like try to come back in September.


The show is conceived as an old fashioned cinema where you can see 115 films about anxiety, each of them not longer than three minutes. My work, Nightmare” talks about the enoclophobia or fear of crowds. I filmed it in Canary Wharf in December, 2016 with music from the streets of New Delhi and Mumbai.



Venice is always a special place, her peculiar appearance can make time stand still and twist reality any time, also during the Biennial. The exhibition presents 87 National participations spread out between the Giardini, the Arsenale and many locations in town, plus 23 Official Collateral Events. From Monday 8th to Saturday 13th May openings took place daily. There were several each day and we had our official pink Venice art guide to decide which ones we would to visit. The feeling was amazing and I am really happy I had the chance to discover it, meet with old friends and make new ones.

I don´t have many pictures of works because most of the days I felt fascinated just seeing and I kept my camera in my bag.


Here are some things I discovered those days:

The amazing sculptures by Carole A. Feuer in Giardini. I really fell in love with this group of women made in resin and painted later. A boost of colour and optimism to visit everyday. Keep in mind our show Empire II is just beside Giardini.


I share some pictures from Abel Raboso, a Cuban artist I discover at the Cuban Pavillion (Palazzo Loredan). He belongs to the Cuba Arts group that presents the group show “Tiempos de la intuición….” curated by José Manuel Noceda. Artists: Abel Barroso, Iván Capote, Roberto Diago, Roberto Fabelo, José Manuel Fors, Aimée García, Reynier Leyva Novo, Meira Marrero & José Ángel Toirac, Carlos Martiel, René Peña, Mabel Poblet, Wilfredo Prieto, Esterio Segura, José Eduardo Yaque.




At the Pavilion of Humanity, we can discover the London based multi-disciplined Michal Coled and her room entirely decorated with twenty-five thousand neckties.






Keep an eye on the Arzebaijan Pavilion and its reflection “Under one sun the art of living together”.  You can visit it at Palazzo Lezze, Campo S.Stefano, San Marco 2949, Venice.





I felt proud of the international performance art encounter “Venice Live” that took place from 10th May to 12th May 2017, in the area of the Viale Garibaldi, il Giardini, Castello and San Pietro. “Infr’Action” Venezia features international performance artists in a program presented exclusively outdoors and free of charge. It was so nice rediscovering the work of Chuyia Chia and Joakim Stampe.


Before saying goodbye to Venice, I went up to the Fondaco dei Tedeschi and discover and aerial view of the Grand Channel and the monumental hands by Lorenzo Quinn that grab the Ca´Sagredo Hotel.

The last stop was in a classical place, the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, where I could visit works by Tiziano and the Monument to Antonio Canova and Tiziano again.

Arrivederci Venezia, see you soon.



(i).- I would like to suggest a book, Venice is a fish written by Tiziano Scarpa, an easy book to discover all the secrets of this fantastic city.

(ii).- Joakim Stampe is the co-founder and project manager of Live Action Göteborg, the leading international performance art festival in Scandinavia and has played an active role for the proliferation and development of performance art in Sweden and Scandinavia.

(iii).- Chuyia Chia is a Sigaporean artist who works in installation and performance art. Her performance work has been presented at various international festivals in China, Singapore, Thailand, France, Sweden and Ireland.

by: Susana L. F.