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Valentina Paglia

My interest for drawning starts when I was 5 years old.
Soon I realized that art was my favourite way of expression.

After my high school Diploma at the art institute, I decided to start a long journey that brought me to Valencia, Spain.

I founded “Galeria espacio” with 6 other artists of different nationality, a place where I shared many experiences of exhibitions, works with artists from around the world and also a process of collective events, in Italy, Spain and Japan.

In 2012 I moved to London.

My art has already been seen in various places of the city, continuing a path of growth and autonomy that makes my style unique.

My art is based in a visual game of colours. Every work i do, either abstract or figurative, tells memories, perfumes, feelings, descriptions of people, events or simply emotions experienced.

I communicate through images that come together with the fusion of selected acrylic colors, to send my thoughts and wishes to the people.

I create various levels of dimensions. Is difficult to find a White inch in my canvas.

My paintings are not just an extension of my hands but also a materialization of my animic, spiritual and mental vision.