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Tyrone Deans

Born in London, 1988, his paintings can be seen as a kind of urban abstract expressionism, deeply rooted in his responses towards growing up in London.

The artist’s work can be recognised by his intuitive, vehement use of colour and the way in which he often scribes into his canvases, “embedding my anecdotes into the paint”.

Heavily influenced by his life in South London, his unique painterly technique; thick textured paints overworked with charcoal, chalk, oil-bar and other mediums, often applied onto canvas or paper, frequently tell stories of his life as a Black British male growing up in the inner city.

Tyrone’s multi-layered paintings communicate his own painterly language, whilst being inspired by Basquiat, El-Salahi, Lowry, Monet, Ritchter, Rothko, Serra and Twombly.