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Teresa Zerafa Byrne

I graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2015 and have taken part in many exhibitions since.

Through my work I question the fidelity and validity of our personal histories and our perceptions of them, which in turn challenge our concepts of personal identity and self. Our memories are fragile and can be readily manipulated; during their retelling we often incorporate false or assumptive elements, which subtly reshape them. The act of remembering is an act of creation.

I interpret the concept of memory construction in my paintings by exploring how materials react and interact with each other. The drying time between applications, the order of layering and choice of media all contribute to a continuously changing outcome. Each layer interacts with and changes those that precede and follow it whilst retaining its own properties. The acrylic pieces are viewed from the ‘underside’.

My paintings are drawn from memories and abstracted such that the elements collate to form an emotional response using colour, rather than a literal interpretation. My work calls upon my own experiences and childhood memories from Malta as source material.

The metallic inks within the paintings change their appearance as the viewer navigates around the room, and in doing so creates different viewing experiences from multiple angles.