TCH proudly supports AGLAIA


Einstein said, one can never eat enough of the tree of knowledge.

The Cult House proudly supports Beatriz Iranzo and Arspace in their innovative project: Aglaia.

Education is the process of teaching and learning. The knowledge a child acquires from a teacher is something that not only serves them throughout their school years, but also through life. Yet, it is not only through education that a child flourishes into the adult they will become. It is by offering them experiences to go along with that education.

Much like the tree this project is named after, Aglaia’s aim is to expand thinking and horizons to offer a truly unique experience.

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A new way of understanding education.

Beatriz is a teacher and a mum and she used to be a student, so she has a wider vision of the educational system because she experiences it from three different points of views. A little over a year ago, Beatriz had a dream, she also had some experiences and she was living some circumstances that pushed her to convert her dream into reality.

Aglaia is the result of Beatriz´s experience as a mum, as a teacher and as a student. She knew about the deficiencies of the educational system and she started to design a program with the aim of supplying them and develop the creativity of the student, whatever their age and and preferred learning style.


Aglaia is the convergence point of culture, education and technology where new educational experiences develop new ways of learning both in the real and the virtual world. It is a new way of teaching, it is a new way of learning, it is an attempt to update the educational system in connection with the current needs. Because Aglaia is based on these pillars, it opens the school to its environment and converts it into a new process or transformation.

Aglaia also offers training for teachers and designs specific programs for schools and a big diversity of resources. Every experience is assessed before it is applied. One of the most important things Aglaia offers is a collaborative virtual space that helps teachers and students go deeper into investigation and the learning process.

Heroes is part of Agalia, it is the practical side of the project applied in schools, keeping in mind the values and the compromise with social justice. If we travelled to year 2065, when technology has reached its highest point and the wrong man has the control of the planet, the heroes (educators) would arrive and they would recover the lost values with the help of tribes that share the essential values of century XXI: competences or powers.

During this year, artists, teachers, curators, etc. have been travelling with Bea in order to convert her dream into a reality. The value of Aglaia are the specialised communities: educative, cultural and technological. Experts from those communities share their experience in order to create learning models. For Aglaia, it is very important the investigation of creative methods that are different from traditional education with the aim of creating experiences that can have a real application.

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We took part in several events with Agalia last June: I Congreso Internacional de Innovación y Propuestas de Mejora en la UAM (Madrid University) and on 22nd, 23rd and 24th June in ART Battalion Festival in White Lab (Madrid) with the help of Vizualy.

Article by: Susana Lopez Fernandez

Introduction & Illustration by: Dominique Marchi