Ruy Silva Exhibition – article

Jealous at D Contemporary


It was a poetic evening at D Contemporary on Thursday as Portuguese artist Ruy Silva exhibited his latest work.

Fifteen paintings came under a common theme inspired by Labrinth’s song: Jealous.

An elegant dance performance by Rossana Losa unveiled each piece as the song played in the background, filling the evening with a sense of grace and beauty.

When I was looking for inspiration for this exhibition, I wanted to do something different. This music inspired me. First the melody, then the lyrics. That’s when the theme immerged.

I paint when I feel good, when I feel calm, and balanced.

What I paint, are feelings. And I find that in dance, the body expresses those feelings, the poetic side of them.  It’s just interpreted in a different way.

Ruy’s international notoriety finally brought him to London (this is his first exhibition here), and for those familiar with his work, the famous touch of orange was ever-present in his paintings.

When I started painting as a child, I always had a small touch of orange in my art. It has always been there, and has now become a kind of signature.

When I told him which of his paintings moved me the most, he smiled and said: “People like paintings for different reasons.” I asked if my preference revealed something about me. “It does give me a bit of insight into a person’s personality. I definitely feel something about people when they talk to me about my work.”

I imagine that must be a wonderful thing, to feel connected to people through one’s work … I guess that’s the ‘jealous’ side of me…

The exhibition is open until 29th April – don’t miss it!


Article & illustration by: Dominique Marchi