David Bowie Tribute

On Thursday 21st September, I had the privilege of attending a truly unique Private View at Fiat Chrysler Motor Village UK.

The first of its kind, David Bowie Tribute, organised and curated by Monica Colussi, is a spectacular collection of works bringing a total of 31 artists together to celebrate Bowie’s Golden Years. Each artist has the opportunity to showcase their personal interpretation of the legendary star, so whether you are a David Bowie fan or simply curious about the artist who gave so much to the entertainment industry, this is definitely something you want to go and see!

Monica first came up with the idea in February 2017. “I had initially thought I would put together a few pieces, but the project progressed into something much bigger. More than half of the artists who worked on a piece for the exhibition made one that was commissioned just for the show.

Her passion for David Bowie goes way back: “I admired him as a teenager and fell in love with his chameleon-like looks and personality. I remember watching his movie Furyo (Italian version of Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence). It was an extremely controversial film in Italy back in the 80ies because of the way the subject of homosexuality was approached. He was a man who thought outside the box, and when I watched the film I thought, terrific, finally a movie about life!”

 From a spectator’s point of view, I can only imagine it would take Heroes to organise such a huge show. Some of the toughest challenges included royalty and copyright issues. Each image sourced needed to be carefully discussed to ensure the finished work would be authorised into the show.

Lots to put one Under Pressure, but definitely something to be proud of as Monica explains: “It is beyond an honour to have put together an exhibition that was so well received. It is a bit like love, sometimes you like someone but you don’t know you are falling in love until you get to know that person. By getting to know the project, and seeing the constant interest and attendance, I am so thrilled with the results. It was worth it.


So, Where Are We Now? You might asked, much as Bowie himself would have. As the success of the exhibition continues to spread, Monica Colussi is thinking ahead. “I am so keen on continuing with David Bowie, I really don’t want this to be a one off show. I would love to be able to give this some continuity. It is to my knowledge the only show with as many artists under one roof creating artworks that either contain or are connected with him.”

My final question to Monica was what she would say to The Jean Genie if he were here today and walked into her show: “Oh dear, I would be so nervous, I would probably have trouble putting a sentence together! I have such admiration for him; not only the artist, but the man himself.

The exhibition is open until November 4th. If you haven’t already, head to Fiat Chrysler Motor Village UK to catch a glimpse of The Man Who Sold the World.


Article and Illustration by: Dominique Marchi