Calendario de Adviento

Susana López Fernandes and her

Calendario de Adviento


It is said that art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Susana López, a visual artist from Spain shares her life inspiration by combining the arts of photography and painting.

She believes every picture has a story to tell: “Photography is a way of feeling life, it is a way of living reality, it is a way of living the world.

Her work takes her on trips to various cities across the globe. She points her lens toward the beauty of each city’s history, architecture, and consumerist culture, even going as far as studying its immigration patterns in order to capture “the unnoticed aspects of city life we are often too busy to notice”.

In 2012, Susana started a project called Calendario de Adviento (Advent Calendar).

Frustrated by the distasteful growing commercial nature that Christmas has become, she decided to protest by exposing the “consumerist fever” of extravagant meals and lavish gift giving.

Counting down the days to Christmas via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Susana varies her angle each year by exposing adverting campaigns, restaurant table bookings etc.

The idea is to step away from the #FakeChritsmas (#FalsaNavidad) atmosphere and “transform all this negative energy into something positive”. If you stop for a moment and think about it, do you remember what Christmas is truly about?

Introduction by: Dominique Marchi

Calendario de Adviento* – (*Advent Calendar).

My personal Calendario de Adviento is a visual reflection about Christmas. I started this project in 2012 because I wanted to protest againts the commercial nature of the festivity in the last years and the way we are forgetting the real spirit of Christmas.

Since a long time ago, I do not like Christmas, or perhaps I do not like the idea of everybody being happy just because it is Christmas. Also, when I was younger, I hated the idea of meeting for dinner or lunch with people we do not see at all during the rest of the year just because it is Christmas. The only explanation I ever got was “because it is Christmas and it is what we have to do”. It is this kind of thing that I don´t like.

I miss the days when I was a child and Christmas had something special, not just food and presents. Around the end of November, I usually start to be in a bad mood so in 2012, I was thinking about all these things and decided to share my grumbles with the public and try to transform all this negative energy into something positive.

So this is the starting point for the Advent Calendar, a project that shows a visual reflection on the commercial nature, the consumerist fever and abundant meals of Christmas nowadays. Inspired by the traditional form of advent calendars, which were born in Germany at the beginning of the 19th Century to count the days till the arrival of Christmas. From 1st to 25th December on Twitter (at the beginning, nowadays also Instagram and Facebook), I release thirteen photographs to be discovered on under #FalsaNavidad (#FakeChristmas).

Every year I try to change a little bit the subject of the protest, so the first time I focused on the barrage of advertising campaigns. The next year, I reflected about the planification of Chrismas celebrations and how sometimes tables are booked as early as May… Last year, I did something special and I invited other artists and friends to reflect and share their opinion about Christmas with us.

This year, again, I would like to invite six artists to share their vision. Feel free to send your proposal before September 30th, 2017. The call is open to all disciplines, but remember the initial idea is to show your work online. Six artists will be selected. There is a participation fee of 5€, if you are selected.

Send your proposal to or by 30th September 2017. All disciplines are welcome!


Introduction and article illustration by:
Dominique Marchi