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Susie Ball

Susie Ball is a self-taught artist currently living in Mid Wales. Living and working in Cambridge for more than 20 years Susie relocated in October 2012 to concentrate on her art.

Susie creates colourful, quirky and playful acrylic paintings; drawing from her imagination and dreams. Susie captures people and scenery in her very unique way. Experimenting with her art and exploring themes her concept explores romance and reflection.

She has a fabulous ability to tell the story through her art. Art has always played an important part in her family's lives, she was greatly encouraged to draw and paint by her grandmother, who was an accomplished portrait and landscape artist. Susie studied sculpture for 1 year at Night school.

Susie describes her style as Naïve and abstract, she likes to inject humour and/or mystery into her work. The majority of her paintings are from her own imagination or from her lucid dreams her early work was in pen and ink and watercolour. Her favourite medium is Acrylic as she loves the vibrancy and texture the paint produces. Susie's painting techniques are still evolving and she is experimenting and learning all the time developing new themes and possibilities. Susie challenges herself, exploring new colours and physical shapes and she looks at bringing difficult subjects into her work turning them into vibrant colour palettes of individuality.