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Susana L F

Susana López is a visual artist from Gijón (Spain), becomes a modern day flâneur through photography.

Taking photography and painting as the starting point, her work is a result of the fusion of both tools. Sometimes she paints over the photos, others she prints them on watercolour papers.
Her aim is to convert digital photography in a more traditional or handcrafted method of work closer to painting or those distant days when we would go into the dark room to develop a film.

Susana’s artistic focus explores how the surface of the photograph is a modern day canvas to capture the ‘routine’ and transform it into something exceptional.

Currently, her mission is to catch the beauty of a city with each shot of her camera in a bid to capture the unnoticed aspects of city life that we all often are too busy to realize it.

The subject of her work is taken from, and inspired by, her personal experiences in the city and her daily life.
Susana communicates through her pictures the history, architecture, consumerism and even immigration patterns of a city. She seeks to reveal this with a distance that reflects an objective and striking honesty