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Sondra Rymer

“Once upon a time…” These four words have captivated conceptual photographer and digital artist Söndra Nell Rymer since she was a little girl. Söndra's most beloved fairy tale storybook was “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen, and it became a significant part of her childhood reading and imaginative play.

Söndra spent her education participating in theater, art, and photography classes, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in photojournalism and theater from Texas A&M University. She continued her love of the arts where she worked in various photography forms, including theater and people lifestyle feature stories.

Sondra has a passion for creating whimsical, enchanted fairy tales and conceptual imagery that communicates a story and evokes a fantasy world. While she uses vivid color for most of her art, she occasionally explores darker or gothic fantasy stories, which she portrays in a more mature conceptual visualization.

Sondra creates conceptual photography and digital art for book covers, inside book, magazine and print publishing.