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Simona Visan

Simona was born in Romania where she spent the years of her childhood and adolescence, in an era cold and deprived of freedom of expression. In those days, the only time people were allowed to use imagination and skills was on patriotism.

She often found herself contemplating the horizon and imagining herself projected in a world surrounded by color, music, hopes and joys and that was the spark that ignited her love for the art.

Simona lived in several Countries immersing herself in each different culture and this has greatly influenced her vision and her artistic creativity. The common aspects of humanity and her continuous research in life bring Simona on a path to translate her vision of the world in art.

Her favorite techniques are oil and temper, using pigments and natural minerals. The colors with the variations they create, and her own personal view and interpretation of the subject are the two keys element that gives life to her creative process. She enjoys experimenting painting on different materials.

Simona’s canvas is populated by a set of lines, curves and colors that come together and move apart as they translate her view and interpretation of the social issues that surround us today.