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Sebastian Ramos

30 Years ago something changed for a young boy growing up in the forests of Pantanal Brazil.
A young Sebastian had spent most of his early childhood fascinated by the art and creation of dress making at his aunts dress design studio. Coming from a creative family, Sebastian also discovered his love of fashion and arts.

From scarce beginnings, where the only toys he had were the ones he made from natural material, Sebastian was recognized for his unique abilities at school, receiving high praise and encouragement from his teachers.

When his mother gave him his first colouring set, it marked the beginning of his dream to bring his creative expression to the world

On a stopover in Portugal, where he worked as harder while restless to do more of what he loved: painting and designing.

For more than over a decade he made a living from personal commissions for his dresses and tailoring and his workshop full of canvases of abstract and modern art which allowed for his creativity to go in yet another direction.

Sebastian has only one word for every success he has achieved: determination.