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Sean Nash

Sean was born in 1974 in SE London; he began at 10 years old an early age & first used a 35 mm Olympus trip to capture iconic images of London & simple street photography in fact anything & everything around that he saw because he knew it had something different about it.

His instant grasp of photography meant that he digested everything he read & done to a point that he was fixated by this new found art & proceeded to want more.

Sean has this natural ability to photography & art it`s because of his ability to grasp the smallest detail in photography & the arts in general

He creates images from sill life, street photography, contemporary, conceptual & fine art he is self taught & has been for the last 30 + years that`s included learning darkroom developing at the same young age.

He has been featured in a photography publication for street photography & has had high praise from various galleries. His works are unique thought provoking & intriguing with simplicity

He is passionate to the core in what he does & will stop at nothing to achieve his goals & ambitions.