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Sarah Wherry

Sarah Wherry is a mixed media artist based in sunny Western Australia. She specializes in pieces that combine color, texture and movement to create what she has termed Abstract Illustration.

Sarah’s current focus is on explorations of color from the outer reaches of our universe to the natural and man-made environments that surround us on a daily basis, and the sociology of our lives that correspond with those colors.

A very hands on artist, her technique involves pouring ink directly from the bottle and using her hands as brushes, mixing with her fingers directly onto the canvas until she achieves the exact color and effect to highlight the illustration side of her paintings. That portion of her work is then done using collage and black ink, to create less of a painterly image and more of a graphic illustration to finish the work.

Her wax pieces have been described as somewhat unique because rather than use traditional encaustic techniques, Sarah melts wax directly onto the canvas and uses forced hot air to guide the direction of the flow before layering more wax, oil pastel, ink and collage onto each painting.

Having participated in several group shows in Australia since completing her Arts degree in 2012, Sarah has recently participated in a show in Los Angeles, USA and will be holding her first solo exhibition this coming September in Perth, Western Australia.