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Sandra Menant

Sandra is a full-time professional artist, based at her own studio in South-West London, creating vibrant art which explodes with colour and energy.

Natural flora and landscapes, especially in tropical regions of the world, spark her imagination and extraordinary creativity. Her original and unique approach produces textured, spontaneous canvases ranging from abstract impressionistic paintings to semi figurative work.

With her use of sparkling colours and contrasting textures, Sandra conveys strong emotions ranging from dynamic to serene. Much of her work is inspired by many years travelling in South America, and studying the culture of this fascinating continent.

Sandra has recently worked on a series on Cuba, sparked by the beauty of this island and the struggle of its people. Her current focus is a Volcanic Series, reflecting her passionate nature and fascination with the dynamics of natural environments. The “Lustre Series” is in progress, hugely influenced by early 20th century Japanese screens, created with gold leaves and moon motives.

After travelling extensively in developing countries and seeing firsthand the struggles many people face in day-to-day life, Sandra decided to actively raise money for Wateraid UK.

This is a long-term commitment: she donates 10% of the proceeds of her sales to this crucially important charity for life-saving projects in Madagascar.