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Rui Nery Monteiro

Much of his work is a social comment often expressed in just black and white but occasionally there is a splash of red used to great dramatic effect.

The scenarios created by Rui Nery Monteiro are a mixture of surrealist images mixed with fantasy.

His "Expressions" phase, in black and white, has a sensational and violent quality, intent upon showing its audience that there is something fundamentally wrong in society.

His objective is to alert society to restore the great social and artistic values.

The drama of the themes of Rui Nery Monteiro, with their images of controlled and organized turmoil, has a persuasive force, creating an emotional pull and, together with his imagination, sensibility and enthusiasm, creates a global solidarity and intimacy that touches us all.

From the sentiments expressed in his nude paintings through to his forceful, social commentary, Rui Nery Monteiro uses his best "weapons" – those of combining beauty with ugly social observation in a manner that doesn’t jar […] Mestre Ângelo Vaz, June 2014