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Robert Thompson

I am a UK Artist born in Birmingham, raised in Yorkshire, now living in London.

I have always enjoyed art and finished my degree in Interior design but went into lighting design for a few years before going into construction.

I recently resumed my artistic activities in September 2014 after been confined to bed with essentially a broken neck (long story). I really enjoy drawing, painting and selling works in various subjects and subject matter but different artistic ways to the normal.
Changing the natural colours of a lion to red, white & blue, making four pictures appear as one or placing David Bowie's Aladdin Sane on a painting of a Leopard.

I really enjoy selling recognisable images in different colours and methods. I still love to do pure graphite drawings too.

I have produced over 70 pieces of work since I started and have sold over 50% of my originals in my first year. I will be producing a lot more over the coming decades.

I love my new found side to my life and I am eager to add many additions to my gallery.