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Robert Adam

In everyone of us is the ghost of the child we once were. My earliest conscious artistic revelation took formation in that ghost child, which sealed my fate, a secret portal had opened.

Four wax crayon colours l was drawing at school: pink, yellow, turquoise with a black outline on grey on grey paper exploded in my mind. To me it looked magical, l was 6 yrs old.

Every year succeeding was one of learning and discovery of self-construction formulating into visual obsessions free of geographical boundaries, morals or religious creeds.

The objective of my style of work is to distort reality and time into an allegorical theme presenting the subject matter into a comprehensive fashion that the viewer may absorb logically.

In my work to avoid using the written word, Braille, numerology, semaphore, atomic lettering, morse code and relevant symbolic items are incorporated alongside the main image to emphasise its theme.
This pictorial language of communication then becomes an orchestration of one piece of work.

My influences by which l studied by trial and error where PreRaphaelitism and Surrealism in the development of my own style.

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