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Rai Souza

Hailing originally from Fortaleza, the capital city of the State of Ceará, northern Brazil, an area known for creating unique, colourful and eye-catching art using materials found in nature, Rai first explored his creativity as a child and proved himself naturally gifted.

His desire to see the world and travel led to him moving to Rio de Janeiro and then to New York at the age of 25 where he quickly established himself in a diverse, creative and vibrant city.

Rai's own creativity was strongly influenced by the city's energy, people and culture. It proved apparent in the first costumes, masks and headpieces he created for scores of parties, fashion shows and high society events.

He eventually moved to Barcelona, which became home to two permanent residencies along with four solo exhibitions. (2002- 2008) During that period, Rai would establish himself as a unique form of artist in London, Paris and Amsterdam.

The fusion of glass, paint, textured materials including sand, leather, silk, metal, antiques, jewels and of course, Rai’s own creativity has led to the creation of a line of contemporary work ranging from pieces that can be used as candelabras, vases, ashtrays as well as canvases and other interior decorative creations.