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Phanggungfook is a recent MA graduate (2017) of City and Guilds Art School, London. She was born in London, to parents migrated from the West Indies, she is of mixed heritage. The subject matter Phanggungfook chooses is autobiographical; it is her observations of the people close to her. Inspiration comes from intimacy shared with the subjects. It describes the multiplicity of her family life, describing a raft of emotions and the journey she has undertaken; she is capturing the essence of love.

Although subjects are sometimes deep and personal she injects humour and subjectivity into her work, painting enables her to express feelings and experiences. Dogs are a significant feature of Phanggungfook’s work, the message is often cryptic; she uses dogs as a metaphor for the people they represent, creating ambiguity. The narrative in her work is not always immediate to the viewer.

The influence of textiles and pattern is prevalent in Phanggungfook’s paintings, her work is highly decorative, it is flat, like a two dimensional frieze. It is theatrical and vibrant, the joyful colour and expressive painting technique and her naïve language requiring quick responses, it all adds to the drama and raw emotions of her painting.