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Phaedra Mclellan

Digital artist Creative Vibe is influenced by nature.

Her very early childhood was spent in Africa and New Zealand with subsequent years spent in Scotland. A General Arts degree completed at Edinburgh University, included Philosophy, German, Ancient History and Classical Literature.

Curious of everything and inspired by many, Creative Vibe is a dreamer, a reader and a lover of the creative life. She is interested in collage, mixed media, drawing and digital art.

Presently based in the Caribbean, Creative Vibe's recent work is inspired by the elegant movement, texture and glowing brilliance of tropical fauna. Her Tropical Collection comes from digital manipulation of her original photographic work.

This collection has recently been part of exhibitions in the Daylighted Gallery in NY, Hotel de Anza in San Jose, CA and William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, NY.

"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." Jean-Jacques Rousseau