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Paulo Vegno Mach

Creative Director at Haus Von D'Arc.

The collection is conceptual – elevated, light and dark crafted in a blend of raw and luxurious fabrics.

A reaction to the extreme simplicity of day by day styles. It represents individuality, vibrancy and a very ethereal being, experience more than innocence. The silhouettes are high waisted and predominantly very short. Corsets, tops and dresses brought to the 21st century by laser cut leather techniques. Jackets are made out of leather and dresses have textured finishings, cape details and full 50s style skirts. Trousers are cropped above the ankle and oversized on the hip line.

A key focus of the collection is its contrasts on various levels from materials to proportions and also with a monochrome hint. The edgy look, signature of Haus Von D’Arc line, is achieved using contrasting materials such as silk and raw laser cut leather, pleated skirts contrasting with leather tops and layered oversized hems. Cut out leather belts alludes to corsetry. The structural complexity and ethereal cut out leather pieces make the collection current and edgy but wearable: apparently simplified, raw edged and graphic in places.

The inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is... 'Ethereal Fetish'. The 1950s and early eighteenth century silhouette. Edgy dollies and interdimensional beings.

Haus Von D'arc