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Paul Squire

Paul Squire is a London based artist.

His diverse range of projects is created using both modern and traditional techniques.

He now works mainly with oil paint, creating contemporary abstract landscapes and distinctive portraiture.

The two themes are very different in style and mood, the landscapes generating an otherworldly yet naturalistic image, leaving the subject open to interpretation. The intention is to create using experimental painting techniques producing work that is abstracted and expressionistic.

This expressionistic method is applied to his portraits, creating works that use thick impasto layers of paint that capture both the sitters likeness and personality.

He has exhibited throughout London and the UK, including a two week solo show at the Camden Image Gallery in May 2014, “Between Worlds”. The exhibition featured work from his digital art portfolio, Modern digital portraits, portraits in oil, abstract landscapes in oil and an audio / video installation.

His recent paintings can be viewed by appointment at his North London based studio.