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Oliwia Siem

I specialise in Abstract and Portrait photography.

In 2014 I graduated from Sopot Photography School. My diploma was an attempt to give a bit of colour to the mournful life of heat exchangers. I am currently studying a (BA)-Digital Film Production - at Ravensbourne.

I have always tried to make random and ugly things look more beautiful. When I realised that carrying around DSLR everyday is a bit painful, I started to appreciate the camera in my phone.

I have started a long-lasting series called “Diagonal” that already consists of around 50 photographs from all around the world. Instead of taking pictures of monuments, nature or events I simply find diagonal lines around the Earth.

I am also emerging filmmaker. Five of my films have been recognised at numerous youth film festivals. I made my first short film at the age of 10 and I have been making shorts ever since.
Born in Poland living in London.