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Mika Codner

Mika Codner is an up and coming contemporary artist who lives in London. She studied at Central Saint Martins in 2012.

Over the past 2 years she has worked hard to create many beautiful and inspiring paintings. Her art features pastel colours and often includes stars, clouds and almost manga like characters.

She works with many different mediums, but mainly uses oil paints and pencils. Digital art is another passion of hers where she creates illustrations.
She is now working on illustrations for an independent author.

She’s highly inspired by nature and human emotions which she combines, creating a magical dream-like scene. Another important influence is Japanese culture because ever since a young age she has been visiting her grandparents in Japan. She combined the Japanese style she has picked up and enjoyed over the years with the traditional techniques of painting with oil paint.

“Art is a way for me to create my own world.”