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Mercedes Carbonell

My mind belongs to the genius inside of me.
She is a portrait artist, a singer, an actress, a film maker, a published author, a ceremony mistress, an art teacher, a designer, an aromathologist, a yoga teacher for children, illustrator, a politician...

Mercedes has the European patent for a soap!
Being a genius is not better or worst than being an artist. It is a completely different approach to life. Never being a dentist.

She moved to London three years ago escaping from the Spanish economic crisis and some other stuff.
Right now her happiness is my best piece of art.
“I just do the living, forget about the making! “

In 1997 one of her self-portraits won International Award Focus Abengoa and in 1998 one of Mercedes’ self-portraits was chosen by the Spanish government to commemorate the centenary of the death of Federico García Lorca.

Her first novel, Gran Ecuador, was published in 2013 in Spain by Metropolisiana Ediciones and my first documentary film “Mercedes Carbonell And The Woman In The Golden Sky” was shown at the Portobello Film Festival 2017.