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Mathias Will

Artist based in Hamburg, Germany working mainly in the fields of film, performance and graphics, I am always interested in mixing and melting these media.

Cities and street live are inspirations of my work:
-Interventions and disruptions of daily routine with performances by "The white man”; a difficult character.
-Film with new perspectives and a non-narrative approach
-Graphics that comment the ugliness and the gracefulness beauty of things which surrounds me

Selected Exhibitions and published works:
1993 "OWO" a documentary essay- journey through Mongolia. 45min, 16 mm.
Festival for documentary film, Leipzig
1997 Feature Film: “Gesichte”, 30 min 16 mm, screenplay and direction.

Formation as Multimedia Designer at the School of Audio Engineering,
(SAE Institute)

2003 "Von Menschen und Häusern", Video: The examination of a single
family house, as a taking of an architectonic inventory.
2005 Performance at "Haus Jona" for the Exhibition ("shelterless").
2011 Exhibition with the artist group "KIÖR" at Basel, Kaskadenkondensator
2012 Performance Installation: "White Cube" An exhibition due to be opened within an exhibition: A performance in a traditional "white cube", where pictures are shown. A reflection about traditional exhibition making and the relation between the artist and the audience. "Fabrik der Künste"
Hamburg. Opening for an exhibition of the "Berufsverband bildender Künstler" Hamburg"
2012 june/ july "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison n'a pas" together with Robi Gottlieb and Iris Schieferstein at the "Galerie beim Engel", Luxembourg