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Mary Osinibi

Mary Osinibi is a London UK based portrait artist, currently working on the 'Lazarus Project' which explores and restores life to old, mysteries ancient masks. The aim is to start a conversation of untold stories of great kingdoms, cultures and customs.

In addition to producing sketches, photography and acrylic paintings, Mary also experiments by combining different mediums and challenging the way we perceive traditional fine art and digital art.

A harmony of conflicting states is one of many interpretation of her art and technique; the combination of mediums that evokes the notion that not everything is as it appears; it underlines a sense of tension between polar opposites such as past to present, good and evil, right and wrong, subjective and objective.

Recent exhibitions include the Debut Contemporary gallery at Notting Hill and Colors of Life Exhibition at Washington, USA.

In her own words “Art has the power to enrich lives and alter attitudes; it is capable of engaging and encouraging the human spirit”. Mary Osinibi wants her audiences to be awakened, revitalized, moved or provoked to consider the changes they can make to benefit themselves individually as well as the wider society.