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Mark Welland

Mark is an award-winning artist who works in a variety of mediums with pieces in public and private collections.

Mark revels in producing work that contains a ‘Hero’. In his work the Hero is a theme, style, subject matter, idea or method that lies at the heart of a collection. It is central to and defines the finished pieces. It brings focus to a subject and strives to create a level of engagement with a personal connection.


Much of what we see and hear is transient. It occupies us for a brief moment and is then dumped or filed away into the bottom draw of memory, often only retrieved when the news of the day considers reviving it.

Mark's paintings create a focus by asking questions and involving us directly with the subject. They are a cleverly conceived variation on painting by numbers. With the aid of willing helpers, thousands of dots are painted to gradually reveal the subject. They contrast with painted and applied surfaces to form the finished piece.

Painting the dot’s democratises the process, inspiring debate and bringing us face to face with the subject.

We paint, participate and create.

Margaret Thatcher - 'It was treachery with a smile on its face'