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Mark Liam Smith

“As a color-blind artist, I’ve always been obsessed with the colors I see and the colors others see. It fascinates me that people see the world differently.”

I feel that my color-blindness both restricts and liberates me as an artist. I’m restricted in that I don’t have access to the same world as others do. But I’m liberated in that I’m thus free to interpret color relationships at my whim on the canvas.

The artists in this homage series served as models for a willingness to reject the world others see – to be blind to that world and to follow their own vision instead. Thus blindness is a metaphor for self-actualization.

The focus of these portraits is the eyes. I have painted these artists blind to show that their vision is not dependent on external world references; their vision is figurative. It comes from an internal clarity of focus.

A singular need to create and express their will and vision.

Selected artist of IT'S ART Call 2016