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Marina Ard

"Marina Ard was born in Ukraine and lived there for the first 15 years of her life. She started to paint in her early childhood influenced by her aunt and uncle who were artists.

As a teenager she moved to London with her family, and initially not being able to speak English, she dedicated herself to her art. At 18, Marina became a fashion model and worked for more than 10 years travelling the world, including living in New York and Hong Kong.

Marina gained inspiration from her travels, meeting people and learning cultures, seeing the world.

Marina's work revolves around notions of storytelling, memories, heritage and movements. She employs printmaking to translate her thoughts into pieces of art as she has always been captivated by printmaking's traditions, methodologies and function in contemporary art.

Marina uses her prints, collages and paintings to portray the affiliation between movement of time, memory and object; how they fade with time and how we constantly rebuild and append novel segments to each tale narrated to us. As a consequence, with the passage of time our memories tend to enhance, develop new meaning and become more magnetic and mesmerizing.

Marina Ard have endeavoured to depict these changes since life goes on…"