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Maria Debnarova

I was born in Slovakia and currently living in London where I also work.

As self-artist I have received 1995 in my first regional exhibition in Nitra Honourable mention for a watercolour “Prielozky” - Honourable mention. In period 1996-2006 I have participated at several solo and collective exhibitions in Slovakia- Bratislava, Levice, Nitra, Kromezis-Bohemia.
My remarkable achievement came in October 2003 - when at Slovak competition “Creative Spectrum “in Humenne, I had received Honourable mention for oil-panting ROCKS I.

I started to improve my natural artistic talent attending private workshops in Bratislava under leading of an academic professional artists like J.Koller,Katarina Kuzmova and also outdoor workshops under leading academic artist painter Dusan Bada, Pavol Kral.

In 2005 I have arrived to London to work, but though of very hard beginning I was interested in London and outdoors. First period I did oil paintings with that theme.

In 2010 I have attended the St Oswald’s Life Drawing course-Summer Term and also 2014 East Putney Art School –Autumn Term.

2005-2016 I have been involved in VAMALGAM -V&A Museum Staff art Exhibition.

Art, word, talent, enthusiasm and invention, constant search of relationship between motives as a object and myself and deal out of myself to others.

I would define my artwork: “It’s amazing to be immersed into experience with the whole being and model it by colour palette of my heart.”