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Marcela Dorantes

Marcela Olivia Dorantes examines the interactions of wildlife, domestic animals and humans to express the experience of expansiveness, intimacy, domesticity and remoteness through her keen sense of space, shape, color and form.
Birds, bears, dogs, and felines represent unfettered spiritual creatures symbolizing the transcendence of prosaic life.
Using the versatility of color in her art is her exclamation of gratitude to the world and synergy of life.

A flourishing magical realism permeates Dorantes's work, in the red orb of a sun hung low and pendulous in the sky, in the rose-tinted landscape, or the glow of the moonlight and the closeness of living creatures.

There is little distinction between the inner and outer, the natural and man-made
(flora and fauna wander freely across still lifes and through interior scenes)