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My artworks are minimal and complex at the same time, black and white, meticulous and wide...

I explore through my imagination little quirks I notice outside and put it in metaphoric situations.

I draw with a ballpoint pen on coated woodboards, a simple tool to show contrasts and contradictions of our own human condition.

My drawings are an invitation to look at our world with more distance, more serenity and humour !
Because I think we need it.

"With a simple ballpoint pen, Mani is a french self-taught artist who draws an entire new world with its imaginary characters, organic machines and enigmatic activities.

Mani's universe mesmerizes us by the richness of details in every piece, a deep sense of poetry and playfulness that directly talks to the child’s part in every spectator.
The rigor of black compositions and the purity of white backgrounds are the counterpoints that make his art so complex.
After lots of exhibitions in a French Gallery, Mani is now represented by French Art Studio Gallery, London UK."