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Mandy Ahlfors

Derbyshire Artist Mandy is a self taught artist and has been ddrawing and painting since a young age.

Her art has been nurtured over the years with the encouragement of her family.

Her grandfather Roy would teach her to draw little faces on a piece of paper. Her family and friends would request a drawing or painting.

Mandy would never be far from a doodle or even a wall at home would become her canvas. As she herself became a young mother her artistic passion would continue and her drive to be drawing and painting would continue until the early hours of the night.

In 1997 Mandy studied the History of Art and this fuelled her interest in art further more.

Her Dreamy landscapes are inspired by Heritage taking her from near and far inspired to paint. Steeped in history and untold stories a magical journey. The artist is inspired by the Impressionist era bringing colour and light to her paintings.