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Luis Lobo Henriques

Born in Luanda Angola, Luis has since early age found his inspiration from his father when he bought his first camera, and from his mother teaching him about sensing, the soul and life vibrations.

He began photography at age 16, graduated in 1981, from University of Coimbra in Portugal. He settled in Leiria-Portugal.

Since then, he participated in many exhibitions, collective projects, catalogues, and magazines in Portugal and France.

Many times sitting in the jury of National Photography challenges, Luis also showcases his work websites around the world, including,,,,,

In 2009, Luis was invited by the local Council to have his first individual exhibition, ‘Viagem a um Pequeno Mundo’, (Trip to the Little World) which toured in several others cities around the country.

In 2010 and 2012 Luis received an award from the French magazine PHOTO.

In 2014 He launched his first photography book “Corpo, Luz e alma” (Body, soul and Light) in Lisbon via