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Loren Lazić-Duffy

Loren Lazic-Duffy's fashion and documentary photographic style contemplates the idea of rediscovering simple core values by using more traditional means of photography such as 35mm film. This seemingly slow process enforces a step back from this fast paced, digital age we live in and encourages the viewer to instead focus solely on the small, more emotive details.

Her personal projects usually deal with finding a connection to her heritage in Serbia and also depicting unexplored and neglected areas in a new, more sensitive light.

Born and based in South London, Loren has recently graduated from BA (Hons) Photography at Ravensbourne. After a successful graduate exhibition at Free Range 2014 at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, Loren has released her debut photo book series 'Motherland' and is now starting her career with a cross between documentary and fashion photography. Her long term aim is to stay within an intimate art & culture community, and hopefully become a bridge between the West and lesser known countries such as Serbia - an ongoing motive that has stemmed from her final year dissertation.