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Linda Lipinski

Linda is a contemporary Sculptor and Artist who is influenced and inspired by her many travel experiences. Linda works in wood, stone, sand and cement, plaster and clay. Linda’s emphasis is on poses always consisting of back and bottoms she has a fascination for the sweep of a back the curve of the spine. Linda really enjoys carving stone, giving a highly polished finish and often very beautiful markings within the stone. Linda casts the finished pieces in Bronze Resin, Alabaster Resin and Bronze.

Linda has been a sculptor for over 35 years and has taken part in a number of exhibitions.

Linda studied at The Institute in Hampstead Garden Suburb.

At last she decided to embark on painting... just a hobby.... This has now leaded to bigger things.

Linda creates most of her paintings with credit cards. As a sculptor it is almost like carving paint, she can create many different effects with just the flick of a credit card. She has even been known to use a palette knife and paint brush.

Linda captures each moment like a photographic moment and puts this energy into her art. Each moment in time is a building block of memory captured by the senses (taste, smell and sight). She has now taken up photography to enhance her art.