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Lili Morgan

Lili is self taught and her abstract neon paintings are a unique contemporary niche.

She initially showcased her art online at ArtiPeeps and was further invited to become the resident artist there. During her time at ArtiPeeps Lili collaborated with various poets and she also wrote a series of online journals documenting her progress as an emerging artist.
She has since both exhibited and sold her art. Her ‘Colours of Conflict’ painting from the Transformations Art Exhibition in Kings Lynne, Norfolk 2014 was also published in ‘The Transformations’ book by Nick Mortlock.

In 2015 Lili will be participating in The Nine Realms Exhibition in Kings Lynne, Norfolk in September alongside many national and international poets and artists. She will also be hosting a solo exhibition in Margate, Kent in the Summer of 2015.

Lili says:
I love neon colours. They have an honest simplicity about them. They are vibrant and bold and beautifully bright. For me they evoke a glowing positivity and that’s the reason why I Love to paint with them so much!