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Leah Michelle

Leah’s vibrant multi-layered acrylic paintings are created with the idea of capturing the beauty that is always around us.

Her primary focus is creating beautiful works of art that make viewers smile and live in the moment.
Her use of compositional constraint combined with loose, distinct brushstrokes purposefully provides the viewer with a way to relate directly with the organised painted surface. It also depicts the essence of how colour can be beautiful in itself regardless of the subject matter.

Whilst her subject matters change throughout every series, Leah continues to challenge the formal idea of painting by creating new works that investigate this connection and, indeed, disconnection to composition, colours and our emotions.

She is also Art Director, Curator, Artist and holds a Masters Degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art and has successfully run art fairs and exhibitions in London for over 6 years with her partner.

She also sells her artwork internationally and has her work in both private and public collections in Dallas and London, including paintings in The Canaletto Tower and Lloyds of London.