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Laurentino Azevedo

Laurentino Azevedo is an extremely talented; London based Art Director, with years of experience and a catalogue of creations and successful projects to his name. Starting in the early 80s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil his hometown, a very young and charismatic Laurentino was already exhibiting his art works (paintings, sculpture and installations) in many successful events in some of the most prestigious galleries and art centres all over the city.

After completing his studies in Art, Design and History of Art, Laurentino left to Europe where he spent one year travelling and experiencing new styles, techniques and being influenced by the great talents that he encountered while living and working in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Milan and Rome.

Laurentino is now living in London and presenting his new project:
‘The Death of Beauty’
with consist of installations works composed of bright flowers arranged compositions.
The flowers are presented. During the period in displayed; the flowers wither and die, and this decay process is visible to viewers

The Death of Beauty - a project in partnership with The Cult House