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Laura Colamonaco

Originally from Italy, I studied Fashion Design at Marcello Dudovich Institute of Milan, and later on pursued a corporate career in HR. During those years, I kept in touch with my artistic inclination by attending workshops and courses in drawing and painting. I moved in London in 2008 and though still in a corporate career, my passion for art was over triggered by the influences around me.

In late 2014, I founded “The Fun Side of the Moon”, an art studio, where I can display my artwork but also promote my ideas in engaging people with art as a way of self development.
I want to help people open up and enhance their interactions and their relationships through a simple, creative form of art. The Fun Side of the Moon, however, is not limited only to art and workshops; it is also a platform for self-exploration through different means, like theatre, books, fabric painting techniques etc. These are only some ideas under experimentation and development.