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La Ivana

Freedom is something that dies unless it is used. That it is the reason why I don’t have any specialty. For me it´s not important what style I use - street, pop, expressionism or stencil - I do whatever I like to do. My pleasure is to paint what‘s on my soul. And my Soul is extremely and full of surprises.

I am educated on the streets of this world. Born in a socialist country (1981 Czechoslovakia) and lived in USA, South Africa, Denmark, Austria and others.

I lived in houses with swimming pool and in apartment without water, drove Porsche and hitchhike through Europe. My closet have high heels and flip-flops, Chanel and blue jeans, I am masculine as a man and feminine as a women. So my paintings are statements of this soul.

I would love to create awareness about fear, freedom, sexuality, cultures, violence… as same as the once I have experimented. So if you have a La Ivana painting you have a part of my unique soul on your wall.

I recently live in Germany.
Exhibitions so far: Copenhagen - Helsingør - Berlin - Vienna - Salzburg - Bonn - Cologne.