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Kevin Preston

I was born in 1963 Devonport, Plymouth England, I started drawing at the age of six, won numerous competitions at school, and always kept my artwork going. Joined the Army and was a Guardsman to HM Queen, The Coldstream Guards and worked as a Battalion sign writer where I used to draw lots of portraits of the soldiers coming of patrols and for their families.

I got injured in the services, but managed to keep working until it got very bad and had four spinal operations, I really tried hard to work as an artist and set up a business called Portraits where I drew people animals almost anything really, which went very well, I was so pleased that people paid for my work, I am now starting to reborn my dream by becoming a well know artist.

I also trained at the Art College in Plymouth as an exhibition sign writer mixing art work with lettering. I really enjoy doing portraits and working with oil paints and acrylic on canvas; I have also experimented with lots of medium's including pastels, pens, water colour etc.

I had lots of commissions over the years; it was great to see the response I got from them and that they were really happy with my artwork.