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Kerry Zacharia

I am a London based Artist specialized in using Ink on Paper.

My unique style is best described as Abstract Expressionist. My creative vision is expressed using fine brush strokes, lines, shapes, patterns and a limited range of color, which consumes the whole surface area of the paper.

The image either comes together from my imagination or is inspired by a photographic reference. Some of my paintings contain a hidden mystery that once seen by the observer does not fade away.

The intensity of the artwork means that a lot of time and patience is required. I really enjoy painting in this style and with ink, it comes natural to me. Using ink on paper is an interesting media and I’m forever discovering its versatility, however, if I make a wrong move it’s generally undo-able but I find a way to work with it.

I've not had an art education and therefore a natural born artist. Every time I hear ‘wow’ or ‘I love it’ or ‘this is my favorite’ I know this is where I belong and I am committed and inspired to keep on painting!