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Katie Brown

London artist Katie Brown has been practicing taxidermy for the last three years.

Drawn to the medium as therapeutic catharsis for dealing with the death of her Nan, Katie creates concept-driven sculptures exploring how to disassociate taxidermy from the morbid, trophy-kill aesthetic still held by many people. By combining taxidermy with found objects to create a narrative as sculptural fine art pieces, and reimagining how it can be used for a practical purpose.

Taxidermy excites Katie for its constant possibility of learning and personal development, as a material for the immediate narrative it inspires, and as a craft that merges art, history and science. It’s vital that the animals she uses are ethically sourced, and that all of her work is sustainable; using found and recycled materials.

Katie sees taxidermy as a political instrument; meat-eaters should know and respect where their food comes from, getting to know and understand the animals whose death means we are able to eat, instead of buying their meat bleached and vacuum packed from a supermarket. Taxidermy is a unique tool to create work about animal rights and human superiority, allowing one to comprehend their own corporeality and animality, and the cycles of life and death without which there would be no existence.

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